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GGF Athens 13-16 February 2006

GGF/GRNET Opening Plenary: Welcome & EC Keynote

Some general welcomes, then...

Mark Linesch, chair, GGF

(gave the main introduction from GGF) More people here from industry than before (about 22% of participants).

Major theme this time is for production grids. Builders vs Architects.

Ulf Dahlsten - European Commission

Production Grids Plenary

Fabrizio Gagliardi, EMEA Director for Technical Computing, Microsoft [previously CERN and ?EGEE?] Production Grids overview: EGEE, OSG, HellasGrid

EGEE Grid, 234 sites >24000 cpus

Dejan Milojicic - HP Laboratories

Enterprise IT (and grids)

Wayne Clark, Cisco: Networking Challenges in the support of Grid Computing

A few lists of different architectures of network control for the future.

Erwin Laure EGEE

Enabling Grids for E-sciencE (EGEE) project

Frank Wuerthwein, Open Science Grid

(US grid computing infrastructure)

Nectarios Koziris: "Building a nation-wide production Grid infrastructure in Greece: The Hellasgrid project"

NTUA & Vice-Chairman, GRNET. Hellasgrid, part of EGEE.

Grid Primer - Pawel Plaszczak

I (MN) attended this for two purposes:

I found the session really useful. It was pitched just right for me (if I had have been a "manager" who did not know any background about the grid, I doubt if I'd have followed a huge amount, though). But I filled in quite a few gaps. I have the notes/slides if anyone wants to borrow them.

Ian Foster - Plenary on Tuesday morning (14th Feb 06)

Began by talking about the kinds of projects that he's been involved in recently.

Neil Geddes - Grid computing in the UK

Began in 2001 with e-Science (although e-Science not actually definitely grid).

Steven Newhouse OMII - General talk on OMII

OMII UK started in Jan 06, but a continuation of previous projects (MyGrid, OGSA-DAI, and some Southampton activities).

Neil Chue Hong took over and talked about OGSA-DAI

Neil is Project Manager of OGSA-DAI

Carol Goble (Manchester) to talk about Taverna Workbench

Grid and Shib investigators meeting

Andrew Martin Oxford/CCLRC ShibGrid project

Erik Vullings - MAMS

David Chadwick GridShibPermis

Mike Jones SHEBANGS and GridSite

GridSite and Shibboleth Integration Project

GridSite was for managing and formatting the content of GridPP web sites.

Cristoph Witzig - SWITCH

Richard Sinnott

Von Welch

Nate Klingenstein - Internet2. Shibboleth 2.0 Update

Grid and Shib investigators meeting (DAY 2)

Security Area session - Wednesday afternoon

Blair Dillaway, Microsoft gave a talk about Microsoft R&D Distributed System Security

Life Sciences session 5.30pm Wednesday

That was the end of things for me. Apart from the final session on Weds, it was a very useful meeting!

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