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Below are summaries of interviews conducted by the CRT. In most cases the summaries focus on use and perceptions of IT and IT services. The interviews conducted though tell a much wider story of how courses are structured, what lecturers do in their admin, teaching and research, how lecturers percieve teaching and learning and more. If you are interested in this interview transcripts are available and a report will be circulated in October 2006.

Data Protection Statement

The findings from this research are presented in such a way that no individual can be identified unless otherwise agreed. All of those taking part in this research have the right to withdraw at any time and require that information given should not be used in any way and be removed from this page.

This research will also feed into Katharine Lindsay's DPhil thesis and possible outcomes include publications and conference papers.

Interview Summaries

Further Information

The summaries listed above pertain, in most cases to full interview transcripts.

If you would like more detailed information such as quotes please contact Kate Lindsay.

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